Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goat Locker and Wardroom

The goat locker and wardroom are coming along pretty well.  Got the sheathing on the roof and started siding the goat locker side today.  Barbara says that I can wait to put the barn doors on until later this summer or even the fall.  The goats only need a place to get in out of the wind and rain so three sides will be fine for them right now.

Here is a view of the inside of the locker.  I think that there will be plenty of room for Barbara's goats/sheep/dog.  If not I guess she will just have to be satisfied with enough of the critters to fill the place up.  I'm not too inclined to build more after this is up and in service.  Although the rescue goats are off limits for being the honored guests at a BBQ, I am looking forward to getting some nice young critters to provide us with a nice protein supplement in the spring!

The wardroom should have enough room for at least a couple of dozen hens and their chicks.  I am going to fence off the area underneath so that the officer corps has some place to go when the weather is too nasty to run around in the pasture.  I'm betting that they will have the area torn up and turned into a chicken spa in no time at all.  Dirt baths are so divine if you have three brain cells to rub together!

A lot of the materials that I'm using are left overs, or sub par, from building Caratello.  Some of the roof beams are  not as pretty as they could be or they have some bark left on them.  One of the neighbors took a look and said that I'm over engineering this thing.  6 x 6 treated posts sunk 3.5 feet into the ground and a 60 pound bag of ready mix in each hole.  4 x 6 floor joists sheathed with 3/4" tongue and groove sturdi-floor.  3/4" T&G sheathing on the sides of the goat locker.  I think it should stand up for a long time.

I need to finish the fencing tomorrow because we are picking up Tony, the maremma livestock guardian dog on Sunday.  I think the boss said that we were getting the goats on Sunday too.  Chickens will probably move up the following weekend.  I'm sure that everyone will get along just fine as long as there is voltage on the fencing.

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