Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Project to keep me busy

So the city of Barney Lake told Barbara that she can't have all of her hens anymore.  Taking a step back from what every other city/town is doing regarding small farm animals was the final blow to Barbara wanting to live here.  My "nice guy's cabin" will now become a rental once more and I have been tasked with building a new house on 2.07 acres on the Enumclaw Plateau.

Mt. Rainier from the new job site.

2007 satellite view of the property
1936 aerial view of the property
The offer was accepted and Barbara signs tomorrow.  The place will close at the end of the week and I have already started getting things lined up.  The perc test has been done and the designer is already working on the septic design.  We had a consultant out to verify that there aren't any wetland areas and I'm trying to get a geologist out to verify that there isn't any problem there.  I have already spent a bunch of hours talking with the people at King County that issue permits and so far they don't see any issues.
Kubota B2920 stock picture

There is a large pole barn on the property and the community well is in order.  There is power to the barn and the boss has already set me up with a tractor and implements that I need to start taking care of the property.  I even receive my PhD next week.

As far as the hens Barbara has decided that she will keep three in Barney Lake and the others up at the new place.  Since the place is on the edge of a thousand acre natural area there are coyotes, bears, and cougars in the vicinity so she bought a Maremma guardian dog.  Since the maremmas don't bond to people, only to the livestock they guard, Barbara thought it would need some companionship other than the chickens.  She found a goat rescue place out in Maple Valley and bought a couple of rescue goats to keep the dog happy.  So far with the land, the dog, the goats, extra fencing, the tractor, the outbuildings that I need to build, and the house for us I figure that the hens cost about $55,000.00 each.  Oh well, they make her happy and it gives me something to do.

I will move the bees up to the new place as soon as we take posession and I get some fencing up to keep the curious critters out of the apiary.

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